Heading Back to Azertoh: World of Warcraft

It’s been a while since I last logged into Azeroth. Months to be exact or even a year. I remember signing on the first time six years ago and wondering where this game had been all my life. I even updated from dial up to WiFi just to play. Now look at me, coming back to where it all began. My MMO life that is.

World of Warcraft to me was a place to escape into a different world than my own. It was amazing! All the cool mounts and places. And the soundtrack…being a musical person I loved the music. WoW drew me in and kept me for  a while. Throughout my high school life I would always go home and play. Logging into my account and clicking that red  button.

Meeting new people and experiencing the MMO life that is completely different  from  console. I soon became addicted to the game. I could say that I’m still a bit addicted but not as I was before. WoW will always be my favorite MMO.

Now, I can share my adventure with you guys from the beginning. Watch the video below as I run across Azeroth to reach top level…again.

– Charmed

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